Kooheji Jewellery Success and History.

Since 1952 the journey of creativity and brilliance began in the world of jewelry

Kooheji Jewellery History

Since 1952, Abdullah and Abdul Wahed Al-Kooheji, who are brothers, established a name in the world of elegance and high-end jewellery in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. These regions have become symbols of originality and authenticity with its unique designs, high-quality jewellery and unique pure diamonds.

Kooheji jewellery has partnered with some of the most prestigious international jewellery designers who provide elegant designs of the finest and purest pieces of diamonds and precious stones

Our jewellery is distinguished by its unique quality, which has been maintained for decades. We establish trust with our clients by providing them with positive experiences and elegant and sophisticated jewellery that are crafted with utmost professionalism and precision.


Abdullah and Abdul Wahid Al-Kooheji co-opened a trading store with various merchandise in Abqeq, Saudi Arabia, with the hopes of expanding in the coming years. It had a special section for gold and jewellery.

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The family opened its first jewellery shop in King Khalid Avenue in the city of Al-Khobar, the Eastern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was called the Middle East Jewellery. The brothers decided to specialize in gold trade only to cope with the changes in the market and for the love of the trade.



The opening of the first Middle East jewellery branch in Bahrain, at Sheikh Abdullah Street in Manama, marking a new beginning in the jewellery world.



The success of the last decade led this company to open its first branch at Yateem Centre Mall in Manama.



To continue its success and expansion, a new branch was opened at Al-Rashed in Al-Khobar to satisfy customer needs in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

The company also participated in the annual “Arabian Jewellery Exhibition” in the Bahrain kingdom for the first time along with the most famous and biggest international names in the jewellery world.



The company continued to develop and strive. It provided a new level of service with high standards. The process of evaluating diamonds for its staff and members of the company was rigorous, and it also provided training and specialized courses for the staff in collaboration with HDR, sn international company that specialized in Diamonds.


Middle East Jewellery was transformed into a family business to be inherited from generation to generation.

A new branch was opened in Seef Mall in the Kingdom of Bahrain, a place considered one of the biggest and most famous Bahraini shopping mall at the time



After five years, the name was changed to “Kooheji Jewellery.” The company opened another branch in Al-Dahran mall in the city of Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, because of its outstanding successes and increasing demand, and to facilitate the accessibility of the stores.


The company developed an advanced service level philosophy to provide an environment and a shopping experience that is consistent with the quality and luxury of each of Kooheji Jewellery diamond collections. Al Rashed Mall in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, was redesigned in partnership with one of the largest interior designers in the world.

Kooheji Jewellery opened a new shop in the City Center Mall in Bahrain, which, is the largest shopping mall in the Kingdom.
The shop is located on the second floor of the Mall. It is characterized by elegant decor showcasing a collection of European creative jewellery, in addition to rare and distinctive diamond pieces, and other different collections for all occasions.



Kooheji Jewellery was revamped into a stylish and luxurious design, a move that was implemented in all its branches. In addition, we showcase unique Jewellery from the world’s top designers and brands.
At the same time, a new branch was opened at the Panorama mall in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to meet customer requests and to bring their products closer to the clients.


The opening of the sixth shop of Kooheji Jewellery at Al Nakheel Mall in the capital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
The expansion was ordained to meet the requirements of our customers by providing jewellery from international brands, pure diamonds and other precious stones with high quality.



In order to ensure the satisfaction of visitors and customers, the company branches have an appealing appearance and a remarkable shopping environment with a modern touch. The company experienced new success when it launched the latest branch, Kooheji Jewellery, in the form of “boutique”, that displays a classical character mixed in with modern technology. This branch is located in Moda Mall in Bahrain.


Kooheji Jewelry celebrated its 65th anniversary with a series of important events:
– The inauguration of the first Kooheji Jewellery collection, the Fajer collection, designed and manufactured to include a variety of high-end jewelry for daily use and weddings.
– Opening of the new boutique in Al-Rashed town square in Al Hassa, Saudi Arabia.
– Revamping of the Al-Rashed Mall branch in Al-Khobar, to include a special collection of diamond jewellery with a convenient modern style and a level of luxury and elegance that suit our customers’ distinctive styles.

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Kooheji Jewelry celebrated the opening of the first Kooheji Jewellery Boutique in the western province in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia “Jeddah”, Jeddah Boutique, Interior designe and premium location made a distinguished mark in the history of Kooheji Jewellery.
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